Case Studies

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Church – Case Study

Our client is an expanding Church, with many groups, having differing needs, accessing the premises on a daily basis. Over the years the congregation has expanded and extensions have been added, leaving few options for further development. With every possible space being utilised, the Church is looking to move to more spacious premises. As is often the case with ‘add-ons’ over the years, the layout and facilities no longer meet the needs of the organisation or those using the premises. Understandably, the Deaconate do not want to be investing heavily into a building they are unlikely to be using in 18 month’s time, but they are equally keen to ensure that the safety of those using the premises is maintained.
Having completed a fire risk assessment for them a comprehensive action plan was produced. By working with the relevant people within the Church, several actions were able to be taken swiftly that greatly improved the means of escape for all occupants at minimal cost. These included:-

  • Re-working the layout of the chairs in the main hall, to ensure sufficient access and manoeuvrability for wheelchairs, buggies, etc., as well as keeping all exits accessible – cost = £0.00
  • Installing Dorgards on ten (10) doors, allowing the doors to be legally held open. The cost of this can be offset by taking the Dorgards to the new premises, but more importantly does not put life at risk and run the possibility of the Deaconate breaching their obligations under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and the subsequent penalties that this could incur.
  • Ensuring that the fire alarm and emergency lighting system are tested and serviced, conforming to the current British Standard. This not only ensures that everything is operating as it should (before there is a need), actions can be addressed as and when they occur, thus avoiding ‘knock on failures’ and a hefty bill.

When it comes to fire safety, often the cost is only realised after an event. Don’t become another statistic, call us today; let’s see how we can support your business / organisation, without breaking the bank.