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Eliminate or reduce to the lowest practicable level.

Fire Risk Assessment

05-02-2015 10-57-05What is a Fire Risk Assessment?

A Fire Risk Assessment is the starting point for compliance. The process identifies any potential fire risks within your business. Having identified the risks, an action plan can be put together to enable you to remove (ideally) or reduce to the lowest possible denominator.

Who needs a Fire Risk Assessment?

In many respects it is easier to state who does not. The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 comments;-

  1. 6.-(1) This Order does not apply in relation to –
    1. (a) Domestic premises, except to the extent mentioned in article 31(10);
    2. (b) An offshore installation within the meaning of regulation 3 of the Offshore Installation and Pipeline Works (Management and Administration) Regulations 1995;
    3. (c) A ship, in respect of the normal ship-board activities of a ship’s crew which are carried out solely by the crew under the direction of the master;
    4. (d) Fields, woods or other land forming part of an agricultural or forestry undertaking but which is not inside a building and is situated away from the undertaking’s main buildings;
    5. (e) An aircraft, locomotive or rolling stock, trailer or semi-trailer used as a means of transport or a vehicle for which a licence is in force under the Vehicle Excise and Registration Act 1994 or a vehicle exempted from duty under that Act;
    6. (f) A mine within the meaning of section 180 of the Mines and Quarries Act 1954, other than any building on the surface at a mine;
    7. (G) A borehole site to which the Borehole Sites and Operations Regulations 1995 apply.
  2. (2) Subject to the preceding paragraph of this article, this Order applies in relation to any premises.

How is this achieved?

Dependent on the size and complexity of your ‘business’, combined with your ‘competency’ in this area, you may be able to complete this yourself.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 states:-

  1. 9.-(1) The responsible person must make a suitable and sufficient assessment of the risks to which relevant persons are exposed for the purpose of identifying the general fire precautions he needs to take to comply with the requirements and prohibitions imposed on him by or under this Order.
  2. (3) Any such assessment must be reviewed by the responsible person regularly so as to keep it up to date and particularly if-
    1. (a) There is reason to suspect that it is no longer valid; or
    2. (b) There has been a significant change in the matters to which it relates including when the premises, special, technical and organisational measures, or organisation of the work undergo significant changes, extensions, or conversions

Even if you believe you are sufficiently qualified to undertake the task yourself; it may not be cost effective to do so; often outsourcing proves to be a better economic decision, allowing you to concentrate on your area of expertise. To ensure your compliance contact us today for your quotation.

Live Documentation

Our assessments are produced with on line access; giving you many benefits; including:-

  • Real time assessment, including your log book and a management overview page
  • Secure; if the worst should happen, your assessment will not go up in flames
  • Multiple sites at your fingertips
  • Easy to follow action plans (prioritised), together with an audit trail
  • E-mail reminders for items requiring action
  • CAD drawings and photos help to identify areas requiring attention
  • Ability to download a pdf version

Why Use Fire and Safety Team?

  • First and foremost, we care about you and your business. We do not disappear for 12 months after producing your fire risk assessment. We are here to support you for the duration of your assessment, helping you to maintain compliance.
  • Our assessors have undertaken relevant training and continue to update their skills through continued development programmes.
  • Our assessors are fully insured.
  • Our Fire Risk Assessment is designed to be a paperless system; thus helping the environment.
  • Our recommendations are completely unbiased. Whilst we are happy to put you in touch with trusted organisations that have satisfactorily serviced some of our clients, we do not sell or receive a commission on any product or service suggested.

For questions and answers about Fire Risk Assessment’s please go to our FAQ page.

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