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Eliminate or reduce to the lowest practicable level.

The Team

The most important member of the team is YOU. We can produce the most comprehensive list of services imaginable, but if they do not work for you and your business; we have failed. It is therefore imperative that we understand how your business operates and the challenges you have, so that any proposal will not only keep you legal, but will not increase the pressure on you and your organisation. Whilst you do have a number of specific responsibilities under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 there may be a number of options available to you for fulfilling those. Our job is to work with you to ensure the best possible outcome for your needs.

We work with a number of suppliers who not only support us in our day to day business but have received positive feedback from a number of our clients over the years. If we recommend a need for a particular service or product; we will also supply you with the contact details for the relevant company, as well as recommending you seek additional quotes. It is important for us; that you always receive the best possible outcome for your particular situation. Equally, we are happy to source this information direct for clients, if they prefer.

In addition to our particular industry; we come into contact with a whole range of people, products and services; so even if your need is not fire / safety related, it is always worth giving us a call; you never know, we may have the answer!

Latest News

Latest News

Unlimited fines for those who breach fire safety regulations

Government announces new regulations to boost building safety and £16 million for fire and rescue authorities …
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Failure of a road tanker pressure/vacuum relief valve

Bulk transport containers used for flammable, corrosive and toxic liquids and gases will normally have a pressure/vacuum relief valve fitted …
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Our Clients

Our Clients


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